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Traveling this summer? If you plan to either Board and Train, or just Board, we urge you to call soon! Summer reservations are already well under way!

Endorsed member(#1061 E) of the National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors (NADOI)

Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)

Certified by the Certification Council for Pet Dog Trainers

Want your dog to - finally! - respond to your commands?

If so, Welcome to CityCanine!, the best in contemporary dog training methods available in Houston.Jeffrey Ryan, CPDT, proprietor and trainer, has been training dogs since 1989 - first in Washington, D.C. (training for Bob Dole and David Brinkley, for example) and now in Houston (training for the president of the Houston Zoo). [For more about our experience and background, just click HERE.]

CityCanine trains all breeds and sizes of dogs - from Yorkies to Great Danes - for household obedience, potty training, and companionship. CityCanine trains for the creation of Habit; this means your dog performs commands out of conditioning, not out of being bribed by a treat or being threatened by a punishment. We guide you and your dog in the creation of Conditioned Responses, so that you get reliable behavior out of your dog when you need it. We also offer special direction in Therapy Dog work, Rally, and AKC Obedience. How can you know if CityCanine is right for you? Read on!...

We know that it can be confusing to determine what trainer is right for you and your dog...here are some of the factors we feel are important:

Trainer experience, age, and certifications...wherever you go, you should ask your potential trainer about how many training situations they have participated in, and you should also ask about the diversity of their experience with various breeds and training methods. Age and maturity come into consideration, also, when you take into account the patience needed to work through some doggie's issues. Finally, affiliations and certifications say quite a bit about your trainer's abilities: is the trainer certified by a test requiring extensive study and practice (such as CCPDT) or is he certified by a exclusive group to which he must be invited to join (such as NADOI)? Or, is he certified only by a four-week "train the trainer" course from a national mass-market chain?

Finally, we'd suggest that the training environment is really, really important. Many training operations (again, mostly mass-market chains) attempt to locate "training centers" in their stores. Our observation is that these "centers" are really just a cordoned-off corner of the store. Their real goal is to bring in consumers because they know every time we come into the store we are likely to buy. We feel training there is like holding first-grade classes in the aisle of a kid's toy store...way, way too many distractions! Here's a quick video that will take you for a walk around CityCanine, so you can compare our training environment with others:

At CityCanine, we have a training and boarding facility that has multiple play and training fields - this allows us to create appropriate social groups for the proper training environment and socialization. Our ultimate goal is to create great Companion Dogs for our clients. With us:

-Because we live on property, your pup will be safer.-
-Your dog will get between 8 and 10 hours a day (depending on weather) outside running, playing, and socializing.-

If you would like to visit personally with one of the owners and trainers at CityCanine, just call one of the numbers at the bottom of this page!

Our efforts are directed toward creating positive behaviors in both dogs and owners... behaviors that lead to happy, stable life patterns for the whole family. And, because situations vary from household to household, we offer varied types of training programs:

  • Board and Train: this program addresses your whole pack: you, your family, and your dog, by having us teach the dog in a summer-camp environment, then instructing you (on leash handling, commands, etc) in two included private lessons. Also includes entrance (no extra charge) to basic obedience class for long-term behavioral maintenance. It's a program designed to develop the most memorable Companion Dog you've ever had!
  • Group Class Training for: Intermediate, Advanced, Rally, and Obedience Show Preparation.

  • Private Lessons: Level One (Beginning Obedience) or Behavioral Issues - 1 hour sessions working only with you and your dog on your specific issues.

  • For advanced canine enthusiasts, we also offer a background in training for Therapy Dog Work, preparation for AKC Basic Obedience Trials and AKC Rally.

    Contact us! Let's visit about what CityCanine can do for you!

    (832)298-3105 (for Training Questions)
    (832)860-3520 (for Scheduling/Availability Questions)

    CityCanine is located at 6204 Saxon, Houston, TX 77092

    Our Hours: We generally operate by scheduled appointments, available between the hours of 12 Noon and 6:30 p.m. We are closed on Tuesdays! Messages of a non-emergency nature (either voice-mail, text, or e-mail) will be returned Wednesday morning.

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