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Endorsed member(#1061 E) of the National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors (NADOI)

Welcome to CityCanine...we are dedicated to dogs and their families! We love 'em, couldn't imagine a life without them, and want to do everything we can to improve their lot in the modern world.

CityCanine is what could be called a "boutique" training school...we are the antithesis of big, corporate chains with lots of employees. There are only a handful of partners here, and we are all committed to these goals: Goal I - Improve the life of dogs by helping their owners have reliable, manageable pets; we do this by creating training solutions to Potty Problems, Pulling/Dragging on leash, Reactivity/Poor manners with other dogs and people, Jumping on Friends, Family, and Guests. We also help with integrating new dogs into the family (i.e., acting well around kids.)

Goal II - Foster/partner with rescue groups where and when possible. We currently work with Border Collie Rescue and Corridor Rescue...a full third of our boarding space is set aside for rescue dogs.

Goal III - Continue research and study into the Methods of Shaping Canine Behaviors, then disseminating what we've learned out into the community.

We train with all positive methods. That doesn't mean your pup is going to be hooked on treats for the rest of her life. It isn't our intention that you have to carry a hot dog in your pocket for the next 15 years; there is a proven way to train positively, then go forward using random reinforcement, not constant bribery. We'll teach it all to your pup, then to you. Welcome to CityCanine, the best in family dog training available in Houston. Jeffrey Ryan (pictured above in the kayak), CPDT, proprietor and trainer, has been training dogs since 1989 - first in Washington, D.C. and now in Houston. [For more about our experience and background, just click HERE.]

If you'd like to tell us about your pup and talk about training solutions, call us. To talk to one of the owners, call Jeffrey, or Dan at (832)860-3520.

Dan with Stubby, CGC, RN, CD.

NEW!! CityCanine's potty training e-book is now available! For a FREE sample copy, just fill out the form below. We'll shoot you a copy right away!
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CityCanine offers varied types of training programs:

  • Board and Train: this program addresses your whole pack: you (alpha), your family, and the dog, by having us teach the dog in a summer-camp environment, then instructing you (on leash handling, commands, etc) in two included private lessons. Also includes entrance (no extra charge) to basic obedience class for long-term behavioral maintenance. It's a program designed to develop the most memorable Companion Dog you've ever had!
  • Obedience Training Classes for all levels: Basic Obedience, Advanced, Rally, and Obedience Show Preparation

  • Private Lessons: 1 hour sessions working intensely with you and your dog on your specific issues.

  • For advanced canine enthusiasts, we also offer a background in training for Therapy Dog Work, preparation for AKC Basic Obedience Trials and AKC Rally.

    Contact us! Let's visit about what CityCanine can do for you!

    (832)860-3520 (for Scheduling/Availability Questions)

    CityCanine is located at 6204 Saxon, Houston, TX 77092

    Our Hours: We generally operate by scheduled appointments, available between the hours of 12 Noon and 6:30 p.m. We are closed on Tuesdays! Messages of a non-emergency nature (either voice-mail, text, or e-mail) will be returned Wednesday morning.

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